The state recognized high-tech enterprises have a strong influence in the sugar industry at home and abroad
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  • Kunming Kelin Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., formerly affiliated to the Ministry of light industry of the peoples Republic of China, was the predecessor of Kunming Light Industry Machinery Factory, which was founded in 1969. In 1994, it was transferred to Kunming City for management, and in 2004 it was transformed into a private enterprise with natural person holding shares. The companys production base is located in Kunming Fumin Industrial Park (domestic base), covering an area of more than 160 mu, with a construction area of 70000 square meters, and a construction area of 24670 square meters. The headquarter of the company is located at no.211-219, Keji Road, high tech Zone, Kunming City, covering an area of 22.85 Mu and a construction area of 10600 square meters. The company mainl ...

  • Kunming Kelin Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Kunming Light Industry Machinery Factory) was founded in 1969, mainly producing sugar machinery, chemical equipment and pressure vessels and other light industrial machinery products. The production base is located in Fumin Industrial Park (covering an area of more than 160 mu, with a building area of about 70000 square meters), and the headquarters base is located in Kunming high tech Industrial Development Zone (covering an area of 22.85 mu, and the building area of office building is about 10600 square meters) ...

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  • 1恒比压榨机
    1、在榨蔗的过程中,其出入口比率保持恒定不变。 2、三个辊子斜品字排布,即前辊的位置稍低而后辊稍高一些,为15°前倾。 3、抽出率较高,功耗较低。 4、可减轻岗位...
    本机是我公司在广泛研究了国外同类机型的基础上,于 1998 年设计制造出了新一代的泥汁过滤设备。具有无污水排放,干滤泥转光度低,连续操作,处理量大,生产效率高等优点...
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    本机是过滤来自压榨机排出的含有较多蔗屑的蔗汁设备。 有传统的THX型蔗汁筛, 以及我公司新开发的滚筒式蔗汁筛与高频振筛...
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